Silence Glass Box

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Glass artist Takeyoshi Mitsui who is based in Toyama Prefecture conveys his unique sense of color through his pieces in this acclaimed series called "Silence". His sophisticated use of color gradation projects a quiet tranquility that softens the appearance of glass. Mr.Mitsui creates his pieces using the hand-blown technique that demands intense precision and a high level of craftsmanship while infusing his unique perception of color. This results in an elegant style that is distinctively his.

Instilled with a graceful modern charm, these boxes serve as beautiful containers for your jewelry pieces while reflecting a delightful nuance of colors for your everyday life.

* All products are handmade. Therefore colors and expressions might vary individually.
* Packaging: Original paper box
* Size: Diameter: 55mm x Height: 42mm
* Color:Yellow/Navy
* Material: Soda-lime Glass

Artist Information