Planting "Lantana" flower pierced earrings

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Planting "Lantana" flower pierced earrings

Planting series
This series is created with a wish to make a variety of flowers. Conveying each flower’s words and wishes. Bringing the charm of flowers into floral shaped accessories.

This design is called “Lantana”, after the flower’s namesake which is known for its colorfulness and delicate nature. The lantana flower’s colors have a graduation from inside to outside. Every color combination is unique and only meant for you.

Language of flower:
Fortune flower, cooperation, solid planning, change.

* All KOTENRA products are unique. (come with paper box)
* Size: Approximately D20mm (measured from one side)
* Material: Acrylic, Swarovski crystal, Leather, Titanium (Pierce)
* This is a delicate product. Please note that strong shock or load may cause damage. We recommend storing the product in a box.