Planting "Baby Pansy" flower pierced earrings

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Planting "Baby Pansy" Flower pierced earrings

Planting series
This series is created with a wish to make a variety of flowers. Conveying each flower’s words and wishes. Bringing the charm of flowers into floral shaped accessories. The beautiful pansy and its enduring presence with a message of “think of me”, designed in a smaller form exudes cuteness too.

Language of flower
Think of me

* All KOTENRA products are unique. (come with paper box)
* Size: Flower - Approximately H19mm x W18mm (measured from one side), Length - 65mm, 54mm
* Material: Acrylic, Crystal, Resin pearl, Brass, Titanium (Pierce)
* This is a delicate product. Please note that strong shock or load may cause damage. We recommend storing the product in a box.